by Rick the Lamb

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released July 10, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: elviaje
Sitting in the grass,
she watches the leaves twinkle;
looks down,
sees and smooths a wrinkle--
then wishes she hadn't done.

These things happen fast;
she finds she's never able
to slow down,
cognize all that's on the table.
Some things are already gone.
Track Name: That Lost Feeling
They used to be quite familiar,
but that was a long time ago.
These days it was so rare to see her;
how could he say no?

She said that she was delighted,
so excited to hear the news.
She asked if she was invited;
he said no, "No, I'm sorry there won't be enough room--not for you."

He wondered if he should tell her,
as if he had something to say.
There was one thing of which he was pretty sure:
He would feel a different way on a different day.
Track Name: I Want My Knees Skinned; I Want My Stuff Blown Up
Well, you know I had a ray gun back when I was eight;
I zapped and dodged and watched the backs of all my battle mates,
because back then
we all lived in an action movie.

(And we ran, and we ran, and we ran...)

And you know, there are times when I still wish
we all lived in an action movie.
Track Name: Lauren's House
oh ya